Posted by: waterworks | October 25, 2007

The Water Song

A YouTube search for The Water Song reveals many curiosities.  For instance, the rather endearing performance by a young unknown called Amy Grace.  Amy draws our attention to the dangers of dirty water and makes a plea that we lend our support to the filtration process:

Sadly, there is no footage to be found of the song with the same name that was written and performed by The Incredible String Band.  Originally featured on their hippy genre-defining 1968 album The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter, T.I.S.B. offered us a psycho-geographical  suggestion of what water might sound like if it dropped acid and learned to play the lute (pictured to the right is the album cover).

Another great song from the 1960s to look out for is The Water Song as perfomed by Tom Glazer and produced by Hy Zaret and Lou Singer. Part of the Singing Science series, it is utterly charming and well worth a listen:

Hot Tuna are one further act to have found fame with a tune called The Water Song.  and there are many, many more water songs you can listen to and watch at:


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