Posted by: waterworks | December 5, 2007

9. Polar bears don’t like water (2)

Ruling on whether Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth gives, broadly speaking, an polar-bear-adoption-pack.jpegpolar-bear-adoption-pack.jpegaccurate portrayal of climate change impacting on the lives of polar bears, UK High Court judge Mr Justice Barton recently concluded that “the only scientific study that either side before me can find is one which indicates that four polar bears have recently been found drowned because of a storm” (see the previous post  Mr Justice Barton remained unconvinced that the plight of the polar bear is real and not imagined.  To judge by their latest campaign, WWF do not find themselves in agreement with Mr Justice Barton.   

The WWF web site currently (Christmas 2007) makes the following appeal: “If the ice disappears then it will be game over for the polar bear.  Adopt a polar bear today.  By adopting a polar bear and giving from £2.50 a month you can help us save the polar bear and its home from the effects of climate change and pollution.  We must act now to try and save the polar bear from extinction.”  They continue: “Did you know?  Polar bears shelter their cubs in the safety of their snow dens when they go hunting for food. But as the ice melts, these dens are collapsing on the cubs – leaving them vulnerable and exposed to extreme weather conditions.  Experts predict that Arctic sea ice could disappear completely in summer by 2040”.  A polar bear pack (pictured) is available for anyone that pledges to make a regular donation to support WWF efforts to protect the species (


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