Posted by: waterworks | February 27, 2008

22. Are You Resilient? (2)

Flood resilience is on the rise – or at least talk of flood resilience is.  Norwich Union have a splendid new “resilient home” website that simulates the additional insurance losses that are likely to be racked up by the flooding of a non-too-resilient home.  If flood resilient measures are installed, then £23,100 (a very specific sum) and 42 repair days can be saved (presumably this is dependent upon whether Easter, Christmas and other bank holidays coincide with the wet weather).  Meanwhile, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) are concerned that of the 2 million homes at risk from coastal or inland flooding (10 % of homes in the UK), significant numbers are unhappily lacking in the resilience department. 

ABI believe that individual property owners can do much to increase the resistance and resilience of their properties to flood damage, perhaps acting in partnership with their mortgage provider, insurer, or local authority.  They offer many practical steps that homeowners can take to reduce the cost of flood repairs and speed up recovery times – such as putting one-way valves into drainage pipes to prevent sewage backing up into the house (because no-one wants that).  Finally, CIRIA have a great new report on the “flood performance” of new buildings that can be read by interested parties.  The phrase “flood performance” describes the flood resilience of buildings through the use of improved materials, methods and details.  It is not an oblique reference to the dancing of Gene Kelly. Are you resilient yet?

Look at this none-too-flood-resilient home (Source: CIRIA)



  1. If a flood were to perform as a stand-up comic, what kind of jokes would he tell?

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