Posted by: waterworks | March 7, 2008

23. Why hairdressers have a low flood risk

Hair salons typically have a lower flood risk than many other types of business or homes. A fondness for stone or tiled flooring (so easy to sweep shorn locks) and waist-high electric sockets (just the ticket when repeatedly plugging and un-plugging straighteners, crimpers and driers) make hairdressers a resilient species, come the flood. Water can enter unannounced through the salon door and ebb away effortlessly later without causing too much lasting damage – assuming the flood height is insufficient to reach the raised electrics.  Admittedly, the intermingling of raw sewage with floodwater will most likely necessitate the application of a goodly amount of soap, bleach and elbow grease.  However, a hair salon might hypothetically be back on its feet and ready for business within very little time following a flood – unlike most other types of business premises, whose carpets, floor-level sockets, stocks and shelving are left thoroughly distressed and may require months of repair and replacement.  All of which results in a markedly lessened risk of losing one’s livelihood to flooding should one happen to be a hairdresser.  Although this is conditional upon one not happening to be a hairdresser living on an active flood plain who has made the category error of installing laminate wooden flooring instead of sensible tiles. 


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  1. Nice piece !
    Hadn’t thought about this before, but I now have a nice starter activity set up for next time I do flooding.

  2. Cavalcade of Risk #47 is up, and your post is in it:

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