Posted by: waterworks | May 14, 2008

30. When dogs drink bottled water

Thanks to its logic-defying global networks, the bottled water industry provides no shortage of insightful perspective on contemporary trends in superfluous consumption.  Retailing at $1.39 a litre, FortiFido – fortified bottled water for dogs with a hint of spearmint (addressing the doggy bedevilment of halitosis) – certainly opens up whole new vistas of critical thought about aspirational living and emerging global markets.  The story of how beef, chicken and liver flavoured water were originally trialled (but rejected by canine consumers in favour of spearmint) goes well beyond the remit of this blog but is certainly worth a read over at New Statesman or the FortiFido website.  


Bottled water brand Fiji Water has often been singled out for harsh criticism by consumption conchies (conscientious objectors) on account of its very existence constituting an  act of quite utter audacity.  Travelling 10,000 miles to reach UK markets, Fiji Water clocks up an enormous carbon footprint in comparison with ordinary tap water.  But surely FortiFido can now claim Fiji Water’s crown and take its rightful place as the #1 object of derision amongst environmentally-conscious people? Not necessarily.  Sold mostly in the US, FortiFido is also bottled locally in North America, resulting in less miles travelled to markets and a relatively medium-sized carbon pawprint.  Fiji Water cannot make a similar claim. Given that UK-citizens-drinking-Fiji-Water and US-dogs-drinking-FortiFido are both entirely unnecessary forms of consumption, then Fiji Water can retain its crown for now – given that, per litre, its transport needs are far more extravagant.




  1. What will they think of next?

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