Posted by: waterworks | June 18, 2008

34. Weird water stories (floating feet update #2)

Stop press!  A trainer containing a decomposing left foot has been washed up in Vancouver.  Discovered in close proximity to the four right feet that have become a cause célèbre (et macabre) in British Columbia over recent months, the new find weakens Prof Ebbesmeyer’s original hypothesis that we are witnessing a natural phenomenon – namely, the selective migration of left and right footwear (albeit containing feet), as conveyed by ocean currents.  Speaking to UK newspaper The Guardian, Ebbesmeyer admits that: ‘This is such a highly improbable situation it begs the question of foul play’.  He and other oceanographers are now suggesting that the feet have most probably been carried down the Fraser river – which flows from the Rocky mountains before reaching the Pacific Ocean at Vancouver – swelled by the spring snow melt.

The map below (courtesy Vancouver Sun) shows where the fifth (left) foot was washed ashore in relation to the other four (right) feet.  It can be explored more fully here.  Read more about the latest developments (including a hoax ‘sixth’ foot) here.




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